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ABOUT SHOPPEROO ($SRO) was created to give holders of cryptocurrencies the ability to purchase any product or service online with their crypto holdings, and to allow merchants to sell more products and services without the risk of price volatility when dealing with settlement of cryptocurrency transactions.

In 2021, E-commerce was responsible for around $4.28 trillion in sales globally, increasing from $2.92 trillion in 2018. By 2022, the global e-commerce is expected to rise to $5.42 trillion. This represents high expected growth over the next three years. The digital marketplace is growing, and the future belongs to the businesses that can stay ahead of the curve.

Customers prefer to make their purchases from their mobile devices. A staggering 72 percent of E-commerce sales will take place on a mobile device by the end of 2021. This is important for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, purchases can be made at home or on the go.

Virtual assets such as Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies are powerful financial tools which can transfer wealth immutably. They are decentralized so customers and merchants can transfer wealth between one another without having to go through banks. On the other hand, it’s adoption currently is weak because most of the blockchain-related payments are quite slow. This is where Shopperoo will change things.

Launched at the beginning of 2022, the marketplace solves this problem. We currently support purchases with more than 30 cryptocurrencies (and counting!)

We have released our Merchant Platform which enables merchants globally to accept crypto payments in-store or online, with immediate conversion to a fiat currency of their choice.

Below is information relating to our custom token that can be used on to purchase thousands of products.

 Token:   Shopperoo
 Symbol:   $SRO
 Blockchain:   Binance Smart Chain (view)
 Initial:   75,000,000 SRO (+/- 3m)
 Total:   750,000,000 SRO
 Fixed:   750,000,000 SRO
 Rewards:   Yes, 5% cash back in SRO
 Team lockup:   Yes (view on
 License:   European Financial License (view)
 Exchanges: (CEX)
 Litepaper:   Download PDF

Contract address: 0x8d98a4e36ca048b8e4616564e5a8ebb78895ddff
*Additional exchange listings will occur throughout 2022 & 2023.
**Shopperoo is in the early stages of creating a private blockchain dedicated to deploying e-commerce technologies on an enterprise level (as at 7/2/22).


Shopperoo ($SRO) Locked Tokens

We believe in creating a level playing field, and as such have created time-locked vaults to ensure no flooding of tokens into the market. Any team member who holds more than 5% of the total supply of tokens has deposited tokens into a locked smart contract. Each team member is entitled to have no more than 4% of their total holdings unlocked per calendar month.

Below you can view the SRO tokens locked via DeepLock, when they become unlocked, and the value of all locked tokens:

DeepLock - Bringing DeFi Infrastructure on Binance Smart Chain


Feb 2021 domain name acquired.

Mar 2021

Team assembled and work begins on Shopperoo. Purchase arrangements with leading brands.

May 2021

Shopperoo begins the process of securing a financial license. Chooses the jurisdiction of the Europe Union.

Aug 2021

Shopperoo adds Merchant Pay to aid in processing crypto payments on the marketplace.

Dec 2021

Shopperoo is successful in receiving a financial license relating to the issue and management of virtual currencies. Shopperoo OÜ is formed and registered.

Dec 2021 / Jan 2022 marketplace is completed adnd internal testing begins on crypto payment solutions, ordering, automated shipping and email systems.

Jan 2022 launches its marketplace and begins processing transactions in both fiat & cryptocurrencies. Shopperoo applies to list the $SRO token with leading European cryptocurrency exchange WhiteBit.

Feb 2022

Shopperoo lists the $SRO token on WhiteBit, making available 75,000,000 SRO to the public, with more than 85% of tokens time-locked for a period of up to 2 years.

Mar 2022

Work will began on the Shopperoo Non-Custodial Wallet & Merchant Platform, to allow Australian's, and all around the world, access leading crypto technologies.

May 2022

Testing will begin on iOS & Android apps, along with settlement testing on the merchant platform.

Jun 2022

Launch of the Merchant Platform will take place with the first merchant onboarding across Australia. Submission of apps to Apple & Google for review.

2023 & Beyond

Launch of Shopperoo Blockchain, with ongoing development to further the adoption of cryptocurrencies across the world.


Learn more about Shopperoo ($SRO)

We believe access to online shopping should be available to all across the world. Cryptocurrencies enable fast, easy and safe transactions, and Shopperoo is developing technologies that will allow the use of crypto on any website! It is exciting times for us as a company and also the e-commerce sector. More info to come in 2022.
We are always looking for ways to grow Shopperoo. If you feel you have a talent we can't live without, send us an email to [email protected].
If you are looking to grow your e-commerce business or adopt cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, send us an email at [email protected].
You can contact team members directly at [email protected], via Twitter (@shopperoo_com), or through our Telegram Channel (


If you have any questions about the token, our company, or anything else, please drop us a message.

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